Outdoor Living in Style: Different Outdoor Areas & How To Spruce Them Up!


The awareness around outdoor living and outdoor furniture & fittings in general has grown leaps and bounds. Back in the day, the distinction between the two was certainly not clear to many and led to damages and short life span of several outdoor arrangements.

These days the need for special arrangements for the outdoors are well known and a blanket provision for different outdoor styles simply does not cut it. It certainly is not a one size fits all solution.

We break-down different outdoor set-ups and assist with some impressive décor arrangements for your patio areas.

1. Poolside Outdoors


If you live coast-side and enjoy warm summer evenings & mornings, there are plenty poolside patio arrangements that make sense for you. Needless to say, most of these ideas would require a heavy budget, but since you own a pool, budget should not be a problem

  • Sculptures

We have the ancient Greeks and the Athenians to thank for this design trend that turns your pool area into an acropolis that seems to have come straight out of the Mediterranean. Identical sculptures around the area at about 9 feet high on a 3 feet high fence works like a charm and adds a resort-style vibe.

  • Mini Drink Counters

Small counters with stacked bottles towards the cornerside is a winning idea. If you have a permanent set up for a barbeque, a fireplace of sort, then placing both these set ups will surely add a lot more life to the pool area.

  • Brick or Stone

Walkways are an important aspect of the pool areas, you certainly don’t want to go for distasteful Teflon coated tracks that circumscribe the entire pool area, what you need is a something that is in-touch with natural elements of nature. Layering baked brickwork is what interior designers recommend.

Amenities & Props: Patio Umbrellas, Barbeque sets, Beacballs

Decoration Items: Vases, Mini-lamposts, flowerbeds

Furniture: Bedside Recliners, Dining sets, Coffee tables, Lounge Chair. Best made in stainless steel or wrought iron

2. Rooftop Outdoor Arrangements

Rooftop Part 2

This one’s for restaurants, penthouse owners, hotels & villa owners out there. A rooftop seating arrangement may seem like little work but it can get tricky and painful very quickly.  One of the biggest issues faced is the dust. Dust only feels grainy and rough in texture but also damages important fixtures like the grill, gardening work and the furniture.

What you need more than anything else for rooftops is a good surround of greenery. Patches of plants and saplings here and there and preferable a wall-mounted planting arrangement with creepers to speed up the process and make it look natural,

  • Build A Dome

This may seem inorganic and a departure from an authentic 360 degree view, but you certainly need one, especially for hot summer days & rough weathers in general. A partial dome arrangement is fine, if not, there are a few makers

  • Rooftop Garden

A large wall that separates different sections of the rooftop seems like a great idea, but adding a complete “Garden of Eden” approach is an idea that can work wonders too. Opt for plants with smaller ears of leaves. Obstructing vision is probably the last thing you want to do. Also, in those heights, wind can cut through leaves like a scissor. Always check the laws of your local area as well as many of them don’t allow for elaborate planting arrangements to prevent fire hazards. [Refer to this guide for  more information]

Amenities & Props: Dome covers, artificial planting, flower pots, Mini Jacuzzi, Wooden logs as coasters for decors.

Furniture: Best bet to is to opt for wicker furniture as they’re light and can be cushioned easily, constant wind doesn’t damage the furniture either. For premium rooftops, Metal made furniture like cast iron & will also do. Round dining tables with marble tabletops are a great way to seat couples too.

3. Outdoor Lodges


Okay this one is rather niche and applicable only to a few readers. Shaded huts, rustic designs & sculptures reminiscent of the wild with African styled decorations and warm colors is what you’re looking at. Wooden flooring is a must and detachable fabric roof overseeing the entire tent is a great setting that will woo your guests and customers aliks.

  • Natural Design

The emphasize on organic elements comes with all caps here. All artificial materials should be discarded from the get go. This means paintings on cloth-based canvas, excessive wooden elements, staw-made decorations, bamboo made fountains, the lot.

  • Soothing Colors

Unlike the rooftop and poolside outdoor arrangements, which can be comparatively gaudy, soothing brown hues and maroon coatings with plain, warm colors are the best color schemes to opt for.

  • Handmade Art

All of the decorations should have a human touch to it. The African outdoors are wild so animal bone, unpolished metal work, artefacts are all great compliments to the patio.

Utilized well, these tips will certainly set the ball rolling for your next outdoor building adventure. If you’re a commercial business, you may also want to check out the two companies that helped us compile this useful post.


These few aspects pretty much cover 80% of the outdoor living experience, After taking inspiration from Dkor Interiors’ article on outdoor living space (read here), we have also compiled this piece.


As you noted previously, furniture is key to setting the right décor style. The materials used, make & form, longevity and durability all adds up to your buying decision. The highlight is that, outdoors generally wear a piece of furniture down a lot more quickly as compared to anything else. This is mainly why online sellers treat them different from run-off-the-mill furniture.

Outdoor furniture

Image Source: Furniture roots


If you’re looking at upping your design game, this has to be part of your shopping list. No outdoor arrangement should be neglected of artistic pieces that do not accentuate the current theme of your outdoors. Sure, abstract art & minimalism is the new trend of the 20s, but weaving the accessories into this trend will be an achievement in itself.


Our innate perception of the beauty of object, arrangement or image stems from the fact that the very object or memory was probably useful to us or our ancestors. So please don’t skimp on aspects that bring about a ton of value to the experience, could be a hammock, a pool bed, a jacuzzi and so more.

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