How to Sell My House in a Short Time

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Real estate management and housing has been all about selling it quick but with quality. For some, it may be due to reasons of listing agents trying to do their job right and earn more, while for some soloists, it is to get their home’s true value.

According to Derek Gutting, a top real estate agent in Indianapolis, Indiana, when a home has been exposed too long in the public, the lower the chances of getting a higher offer. This is why a lot of sellers have been wanting to sell their houses with a deadline. This makes it more motivating and at the same time, not invalidating their home’s potential. Here are some ways to sell your house in a short time, legitimately and controlled.

Get a Listing Agent

If time is the protagonist in a house selling story, the solution would be hiring a professional. It is not easy to sell your home on a time crunch, therefore, investing onto a professional can actually be a sigh of relief. Agents have been trained long enough to assist the seller and cater to the potential buyer while hustling to organize meetings and marketing. 

In a way, the only thing the seller must do is hire an experienced real estate agent and be transparent about the deadline. This will create a sense of agreement that he or she should be responsible to get on his feet and market the home as immediate as it can be.

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Make the Price Realistic

Having a real estate agent can be also a good choice to discuss listing prices. Some sellers often settle for giving out irrational prices due to the sentimentality of their home; however, one must be logical when it comes to making the listing price. This is why it is also crucial to have a real estate agent to further discuss whether the home would be paid out of its true value. 

Another method to fully deciding the price is to check and observe other house prices on the market and match it with them. This way the seller can play around a range of sensible prices.

Make it Look like the Price

No one wants to buy a million-dollar house that looks like it has been worn out inside and out. This is why it is crucial to make the house marketable. Give the buyers an impression that the home is perfect for its price – or best, if they would think that it should be priced more. This will create a surge of potential buyers wanting to book an appointment or reserve the home.

Making it beautiful does not always have to mean breaking the bank, by simply applying fresh paint on the walls, updating counter tops, fixing kitchen and bathroom essentials like induction, exhaust fan, plumbing, toilet flush system and the likes, will be a good record when it comes to writing down the house details. 

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Dedicate Time to be Social

Now that online and virtual transactions had been the backbone of today’s businesses, it is best to allot time to create social media pages or even at a personal profile in marketing.

Advertising it on a personal profile would cause higher possibilities to get noticed since the seller already has potential buyers, like their social media friends and colleagues. The seller and the listing agent can also opt for creating a website or page in showcasing the home online to separate business emails and messages. However, doing both options would make the most benefit.


In a hindsight, it is really possible to sell a home in a short time but there are also financial factors to be considered secondary to the effects of the pandemic in the employment rate. Regardless, if the intention is to sell it quick, the methods above can surely help in achieving it. We buy houses so you can sell your house in a short time. –

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