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How Do You Know If Your Boiler is Going to Explode?

Your Boiler is Going to Explode

Many people realize it before the time that the boilers are a giant time bomb that has an equal potential to blow up anytime. It may leave some disturbing and devastating side effects. It can literally tear your house apart and cause serious injuries to individuals. When an explosion occurs due to unfortunate events, it can even lead to deaths sometimes. A significant amount of damage is caused to the properties owned by individuals. There are many reasons why a boiler may explode. Mainly it occurs due to the faulty installation or sometimes even due to unlicensed plumbers. Sometimes many have opted for the repair of the boiler. But due to unlicensed and inexperienced plumbers, boiler repairing isn’t done up to the mark. If you were surfing the internet for this reason then this article has got you covered. This article will guide you through how one shall know if their boiler is going to explode.

Pressure Relief Valve Leak

Pressure Relief Valve Leak
The pressure relief valve is mostly located on the top, towards the side of the heater. It automatically opens whenever the pressure inside the tank reaches the maximum and extreme level. This lets the water out which in the end ends up lowering the pressure inside. But sometimes the valve may not work correctly due to it being leaky. If it is leaking then there can be too much pressure or even heat inside the tank. It is very dangerous and an explosion can happen in no time. Moreover, in many cases, it has been noted that the valve condition is worn out or not up to the mark. This indicates the fact that it cannot bear nor handle the pressure and heat inside it. This can fail anytime which would lead to high pressure being trapped inside the tank.

Popping And Knocking Noise

Many times, many people witness an unusual noise. This noise resembles the one that is made by a popcorn machine. It makes a popping and knocking noise which signals an individual that it could fail anytime soon. Over a span of time, sediments start to accumulate at the bottom of the tank which results in creating a layer of insulation of water from the burner. This increases the heat demand, which leads to the burning force being increased. The noise that an individual hears is actually water being trapped under the sediment and the noise occurs because of the bubbles escaping the sediment layer.

Contact Boiler Repair If You Smell Rotten Egg Odor

Contact Boiler Repair If You Smell Rotten Egg Odor
It has been noted that many people complain that they smell a rotten egg odor that is not at all pleasant to the nose. It is actually sulfur and many people know it as a rotten egg smell. Without any doubt, one can smell it because of a leak present and this gas can easily ignite it when the light is on. It is suggested that if a person smells this gas near your boiler or heater, then one should definitely contact a licensed boiler repair to resolve the issue.

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